Searching for stolen reel tapes:

Reel-to-reel tapes marked "We've Got Your Number"

At least 10 tapes total, 5 each of sizes 7 inch and 5 inch (or possibly 6 inch and 8 inch).
Subtitles may include: "Fantasies", "That's My Number", "Executive Touch", "Crazies", "Zanies".
5 of the tapes (either the 5 inch set or the 7 inch set) may also be marked with "Metacom" or "Tapette Corporation".
Some might be marked with a date, which would be around 1979.
Labels might be missing from some of the tapes.
These were the master tapes for comedy phone answering cassettes I used to sell (a failed business in the 80s). They are useless to anyone but me, and only sentimental value to me. I shipped them home from storage and the package was stolen off my porch. If you have come across these, please contact me via the form below:

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