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Video Production

Here is a list of videos being produced by Mad Martian®. This does not include films produced by others that feature Mad Martian® as an actor.

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The Inedible Bulk
(the origin of Broccoli Man)
A broccoli farmer whose own children hate broccoli invents a plant hybridization machine in an attempt to make broccoli taste better so kids will eat it. He accidentally activates the machine while inside, transforming him into "Broccoli Man", crusader against "fatty, disgusting, unhealthy foods". What are YOU having for dinner?
Zombie Vegetarians
(faux trailer)
Tainted veggie burgers turn people into zombies. Who will stop them?
Monsters of Crock
(feature documentary)
A documentary about the corporate monsters who seek to control our language through trademark abuse.
Half Life Crisis
Senior citizens addicted to the game Half Life tell of their affliction. Meanwhile, old folks in Halfway, Oregon try to get the town's name changed to Half Life, Oregon.
Meat The Cleaver
(featuring Broccoli Man)
It's meat packers vs vegetarians in this West Side Story style battle of opposing food groups. Yes, it's a musical!
The Making of Doctor Who:
The Unaired Series

The BBC is producing the first Doctor Who series in nine years - but what of the previous attempt? This "making of" film documents the rougher, tougher Doctor Who series that never made it to television. Sonic screwdriver? No way! THIS Doctor is packing HEAT!
Sock Rock A young boy searches for his missing sock. He is sucked through a wormhole in the family clothes dryer and transported to the land of the missing socks! Basically a spoof of Lidsville - and it's a musical!
Culinary Chaos
(featuring Broccoli Man)
A decadent dessert show is cancelled due to Broccoli Man's meddling and the show's host seeks revenge - and has a magnificent knife collection. Time to chop some broccoli!
The Statement of
Rudolph Raindeer
Santa goes down the chimney while Rudolph is stuck waiting on the roof. A spoof of The Statement of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft.
AC or DC?
Many people know of the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison over delivering AC or DC current to homes, but this film documents the many ways they tried to resolve the issue before the decision was finally made.
The Caul of Brocthulhu A collector of HP Lovecraft creature memorabilia aquires a little known statue that soon gives him broccoli nightmares. A spoof of The Call of Cthulhu featuring Broccoli Man.
Broccoli Man vs. the
Lima Beans From Hell
Mutant lima beans terrorize the town.

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