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Friday April 4:
Shorts at 7pm: Faux Commercials, Faux Trailers, and movie/TV spoofs.
Feature at 9pm: Böcek (Lady Bug)

Saturday April 5:
Shorts at 7pm: General Satire.
Feature at 9pm: Bloody Lip

Sunday April 6:
Shorts at 7pm: Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy spoofs.
Feature at 9pm: Squid Man

Schedule subject to change.

Some films may not be suitable for young children or easily offended adults.


Bcek (Lady Bug) Böcek (Lady Bug)      VIEW TRAILER
Director: Bora Tekay
Location: Turkey
A film maker plans to create an epic superhero movie to impress his girlfriend's brother so he will accept their marriage. Film making turns out to be much harder than he thought. Presented in Turkish with English subtitles.
Friday 9:00 PM
Bloody Lip Bloody Lip      VIEW TRAILER
Director: Adriel Leff
Location: United Kingdom
Spinal Tap meats Rocky in this comedy mockumentary about a professional boxer who has seven days to prepare for the fight of his life against his childhood rival - a bout which, if triumphant, will result in him achieving his life's goal of bettering the win/loss record laid down by his father.
Saturday 9:00 PM
Squid Man Squid Man      VIEW TRAILER
Director: Charlie Cline
Location: USA-CA
When Squid Man gets downsized out of the Superhero Society, he's forced to crash on the couch of his former sidekick (and only friend) Warren. Now he spends his time boozing in a dead end bar, reminiscing about the days when the hero groupies were plentiful and even a second-rater like him could sometimes save the universe.
Sunday 9:00 PM


1000 Years of Darkness: Episode 1 1000 Years of Darkness: Episode 1
Director: Ezekiel Richter
Location: USA-SD
1000 Years of Darkness is based on a quote by Chuck Norris 'If Obama is re-elected it will usher in a 1000 Years of Darkness/' It's sort of poking fun at ultra conservative fears of a democratic president but can also be fun for people on both sides of the aisle.
Friday 7:00 PM
A Christmas Walk A Christmas Walk
Director: Phillip Mosness
Location: USA-CA
A man suffers an unusual circumstance walking home at Christmas time.
Sunday 7:00 PM
A Kiwi Legend A Kiwi Legend
Director: Tess Novak
Location: New Zealand
Change is afoot in New Zealand as creative forces take on the ultimate Kiwi icon. But all is not well in paradise, and the nation is divided. Whilst supporters applaud the innovation others see it as a threat to their national identity.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Border Patrol Border Patrol
Director: Peter Baumann
Location: Germany
It's almost time for the big game when border patrol guards encounter a situation that could make them miss the game. In German with English subtitles.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Bright Eyes Bright Eyes
Director: Jamie Rivera
Location: USA-AZ
A woman wakes up to suspect that someone, or something, may be in the house with her in this satirical riff on the horror genre.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Cantata in C Major Cantata in C Major
Director: Ronnie Cramer
Location: USA-CO
Six-hundred-five film clips are assembled and used to create a piece of electronic music.
Sunday 7:00 PM
CH1,  Hygienic Ascendancy CH1, Hygienic Ascendancy
Director: Pat Yaney
Location: USA-IN
The importance of washing ones hands as a personal health benefit, and out of respect for those around you.
Friday 7:00 PM
Directors on Directing Directors on Directing
Director: Damien Patrik
Location: USA-CO
Pontificating film directors, dancing nuns, sweet little girls and puppy dogs. Who could ask for anything more? 3 successful film directors explain the REAL secrets to success.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Eat Eat
Director: Moritz Krämer
Location: Germany
A supermodel gets hungry.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Friday the 13th Part Vi: Deleted Scene (Birdwatching) Friday the 13th Part Vi: Deleted Scene (Birdwatching)
Director: Tim Hall
Location: USA-NY
This scene was likely deleted for being too foul.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Deleted Scene Friday the 13th Part VIII: Deleted Scene
Director: Tim Hall
Location: USA-NY
The scene where Freddie gets a tattoo.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Green Gold Green Gold
Director: Barbara Marheineke
Location: Germany
A new source of energy is discovered in a small village in Iraq. Dubbed in English.
Friday 7:00 PM
Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs
Director: Scott Sullivan
Location: USA-CA
When the job market gets tough, the tough earn livings as medical test subjects.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Hackneyed Hackneyed
Director: Aaron Nelson
Location: USA-OR
Let's just make a remake of a remake and then make six sequels!
Sunday 7:00 PM
Love Sick Lonnie Love Sick Lonnie
Director: Chad Mathews
Location: USA-TX
A heartbroken man suffers from an embarrassing affliction. He can only communicate through the lyrics of boy band songs.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Mister Super Juice Mister Super Juice
Director: Mike Wellins
Location: USA-OR
Mr. Super Juice is an important infomercial with Mr. Super Juice, himself, extolling the virtues of juicing and juicing machines.
Friday 7:00 PM
My Dinner with Andrea My Dinner with Andrea
Director: Hernan Moreno
Location: Canada
A lonely young man accepts a dinner invitation from the girl of his dreams, only to face the stuff of nightmares. My Dinner with Andrea is a comic exploration of the phenomena of synesthesia and the price we will pay to find true love.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Nuclear Candies Nuclear Candies
Director: Gerard Goulet
Location: Canada
A quote of Jacques Cousteau is turned into an ironic faux advertisement that encourages humans to destroy themselves with nuclear research.
Friday 7:00 PM
One Grain More One Grain More
Director: Michael Bihovsky & Lily Bayrock
Location: USA-PA
The Les Miserables food allergy parody that will knock your hypoallergenic socks off!When Marius, Cosette, and Epipen are invited to an allergy-friendly party at the house of Jean Valjean, each must create a dish absent of all possible allergens.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Pogtown Pogtown
Director: A.Z. Chandler
Location: USA-OR
Ralphie takes on Ivan Stackhanov in the elite Pog tournament Slamorama. With the help of POG master Barry Slamson, can Ralphie train to become the best at Pogs and defeat Ivan?
Friday 7:00 PM
Recently in the Woods Recently in the Woods
Director: Daniel van Westen
Location: Germany
The horses are always making fun of the unicorn's horn. But they'll get what's coming to them!
Sunday 7:00 PM
Resurrection Resurrection
Director: John Wardlaw
Location: USA-CA
The story of Jesus of Nazareth, retold in the best possible way.
Friday 7:00 PM
Six Ways To Die Six Ways To Die
Director: Louw Venter
Location: South Africa
A group of comedians find a new venue for their comedy night, but have some difficulties with the owner.
Saturday 9:00 PM
Slide Rail Superman Slide Rail Superman
Director: David Santamaria & Donald Harrison
Location: USA-MI
A film about one of the world's greatest slide railers and his sherpa.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Songs in the Key of Death Songs in the Key of Death
Director: Edward Valibus
Location: USA-TN
A piano tuner gets creative employing zombies for his piano tuning business.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Steffi Likes This Steffi Likes This
Director: Philipp Scholz
Location: Germany
Facebooks updates made real. In German with English subtitles.
Friday 7:00 PM
Suspicious Bulges Suspicious Bulges
Director: Misha Collins
Location: USA-CA
A pregnant woman is subjected to a fetal frisking. In TSA America: Level Orange! our officers give screenings that travelers will never forget.
Saturday 7:00 PM
Symphony of Fools Symphony of Fools
Director: Volker Heymann
Location: Germany
A group of German marketers dicuss how to get the nodding weiner dog back into every car. In German with English subtitles.
Friday 7:00 PM
Ted Nugent Action Figure Ted Nugent Action Figure
Director: Bob Akins
Location: USA-OR
Get your own Ted Nugent stupid effing redneck action figure!
Friday 7:00 PM
The Battle The Battle
Director: Sean O'Grady
Location: USA-OR
When a sensei is killed, his prodigy seeks revenge. But he is no match for the evil master.
Friday 7:00 PM
The Big Shift The Big Shift
Director: Kristopher Tweedie
Location: Australia
Max Hensucker, the world's greatest detective, must transform from noir detective to western cowboy in order to solve the one case he cannot crack.
Friday 7:00 PM
The Gynotician The Gynotician
Director: Lisa D'Apolito
Location: USA-NY
A woman goes for an exam and finds that the person examining her is not a real physician but a Gynotician, a politician.
Friday 7:00 PM
The Healing Musical The Healing Musical
Director: John Gigrich
Location: USA-MN
A documentary crew captures behind the scenes footage, as Kale Kokopelli produces the worlds first Healing Musical.
Friday 7:00 PM
The Maid The Maid
Director: Sascha Zimmermann
Location: Germany
A man calls home to find his wife fooling around and employs the maid to exact his revenge. In German with English subtitles.
Sunday 7:00 PM
The Zombie One The Zombie One
Director: Jinyoup Kim
Location: USA-CA
Years after a zombie outbreak, a man struggles to put his life and family back together the way it was before he was infected. But discrimination and revenge toward the cured people hinder his dream to become reality.
Sunday 7:00 PM
Wind Wind
Director: Robert Löbel
Location: Germany
It's time for a shift change in the windy city.
Sunday 7:00 PM

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