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Some films may not be suitable for young children.

Friday April 3 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: Faux Commercials, Faux Trailers, and movie/TV spoofs.
Feature: "Fat Stupid Rabbit"

Saturday April 4 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: General Satire.
Feature: "Occasional Monsters"

Sunday April 5 starting at 7pm:
Shorts: Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy spoofs.
Feature: "Barbariana: Queen of the Savages" with additional dialog performed live by The Brody Theater!



Fat Stupid Rabbit    VIEW TRAILER     VISIT WEB SITE (in Russian)
Director: Slava Ross, Russia
A down and out actor has been forced to play a rabbit in a children's theater for ten years. He dreams of playing King Lear and is often reprimanded for adlibbing lines from Hamlet. He finally gets a break when he lands the lead in a new play, but things don't quite work out as expected. In Russian with English subtitles.

Occasional Monsters     VIEW TRAILER     VISIT WEB SITE
Director: Michael Cox & Sam Addison, Scotland
Two unlikely partners start a business as monster hunters. There's just one small problem with their business model. Monsters don't really exist...

Barbariana: Queen of the Savages     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Darren Herczeg, CA
The evil faux Barbariana takes over the throne and plots to rid herself of her sister for good! But can she survive the black magic and faux mustache of the high priest? Will the Barbarian complete his quest or will he be eaten by the "PuMan"? The most amazing fantasy film since Beastmaster! Don't miss it! The Brody Theatre will perform additional dialog LIVE before your eyes and ears!


A&E Biography: Osh Kosh B'Gosh - Under The Overalls
Director: Richard Keith, CA
Gosh, it's the untold history of the overall! With front pocket! With Matt Lillard from the "Scream" movies.

ALIAS: The Lost Episode
Efram Potelle & Kyle Rankin
A double agent gets in deep trying to play both sides.

The Anatomy of Grey's Anatomy
Director: Richard Keith, CA
A behind the scenes look at Grey's Anatomy.

Blue Canoes
Director: Jeff Goldstein, AZ
A famous painter is accused of forgery by an uppity young artist.

Building A Utopian Playland
Director: Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel, CA
Not just a propaganda film for Dr Steel's world domination. Cool toys, too!

Clones Gone Wild
Director: Harry Frishberg, GA
A man is torn between killing his clone and using him for dating tips.

The Coffeegrinder
Director: Daniel Farkas, Germany
By day he's a friendly coffee guy. But by night...

Death Blow
Director: Clint Bowers, OR
They watch it on Seinfeld. Now see the trailer!

The Devil Wears Pirates
Director: Abigail Steinberg, CA
Can the mild-mannered secretary survive in the pirate fashion world?

Dr. Steel's Robot Interview
Director: Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel, CA
You know all about his desire for world domination. Now find out how he feels about robots!

Drink It Up
Director: Negativland, CA
Negativland pokes fun at junk food and advertising in this classic music video.

Emergency Preparedness
Director: Patrick Rea, KS
Sure, you've seen zombie preparedness films before, but not quite like this.

Entropy and Me
Director: Car Nazzal, CA
Car's room is a tad messy, so why not interview everyone she knows about it?

Extraordinary House Fix-Up
Director: Peter Huang
The downtrodden get a facelift for their home on this reality show.

Director: Dan Oleski, CA
Perhaps the most useful tool in your home...

A Fistful of Coffee
Director: Graham Rathlin, UK
The spaghetti western of coffee ads.

The Fluff
Director: Patrick Rea, KS
More terrifying then The Blob! More Spine-tingling than The Thing!

Groping Hands
Director: Dan Oleski, CA
You're not getting to "third base" with THAT thing!

Horizons - Clown Killer
Director: Russell Bates, CA
Can't stop killing clowns? Now there's help! Shown in HD.

I Will Hurt You
Director: Gary Lynch, GA
It's about women who like to hurt people - mainly other female wrestlers.

Iggy goes to Grad School
Director: Yfke van Berckelaer, CA
Iggy's life takes a turn for the worse when he goes to grad school.

Iggy goes to Hollywood
Director: Yfke van Berckelaer, CA
Iggy's life takes a turn for the worse when he goes to Hollywood.

Indoor Western
Director: Ivan Willockx, Belgium
It's a showdown, but one of these cowboys has no gun.

Director: Efram Potelle & Kyle Rankin
A guy gets somewhat bugged on his date.

Law and Order: Really Special Victims Unit
Director: Richard Keith, CA
A double homicide is the least of their worries. Stars Gregory Itzin from "24".

Love Royale
Director: Henry Saine, CA
Japanese television at it's finest pits girl against girl in a fight for love!

Man vs. City
Director: Adam Clarey, WA
Can he survive the deep urban center of an American city?

Man Vs. Wild - West Hollywood
Director: Richard Keith, CA
It doesn't get much wilder than West Hollywood. Can a straight man survive?

Master Vengeancer
Director: Adam Dow
The price of vengeance is high in this battle between two kung fu masters. Shown in HD.

Priest Off
Director: Corky Quakenbush
Protect your young choir boy from those pesky priests.

Red Snow
Director: Corky Quakenbush
Penguins. They're not just black and white - they're red all over!

The Sell
Director: Jeffrey Nagel, CA
Let's talk art. It's a lot cheaper than buying it.

Director: Jeffu Warmouth, MA
A sci-fry history of potato space exploration!

The Story of Sputnik
Director: John Harden, CA
Educational and funny too! Featurng the MAGIC EASEL! Shown in HD!

Suicide Pinto
Director: Bill Dant, OR
Fiery music video by Bill Dant and the Spotty Livers

Tea Party
Director: Patty Prats and Elliot Elkins, LA
A mysterious bandit is tea-bagging innocent victims.

Director: Danny Grossman, CA
The true story of the world's 4th gay frisbee dancing competition.

Director: Jason Eisener
Christmas trees have their revenge in this bloody classic.

Unwed Mother Darbie
Director: Corky Quakenbush
This doll is much closer to reality than Barbie.

La Venganza del Diablo Azul
Director: Brian Clement, Canada
The Mexican wrestling film you want to see!

V Squad
Director: Brian Clement, Canada
Vixen, Vengeance, Velvet, Venus, and Valkyrie vanquish vermin in this grindhouse classic.

V Squad 2
Director: Brian Clement, Canada
The V-Squad is back and this time they're hunting aliens!

Director: Damien Slevin, Australia
Snooty art farts get their due.

Welcome To Shady Pines
Director: VK Shah, CA
Promotional video for Estelle Getty, sure to be Realtor of the Year for her efforts in getting everyone into a home.

The Wishingbone
Director: Kev Stock, PA
Be careful what you wish for, especially when using the wishingbone.

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