Some films may not be suitable for young children.


Blood Car     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Alex Orr, GA
In a world where gas is only affordable by the rich, a young man accidentally makes his car run on blood! Contains nudity and gore.
Something That Sticks     VIEW TRAILER
Director: James Devereux, Germany
Down on their luck promoters have one last chance for success. They have to find the next teen rockstar - or make one up.
Stanley Cuba     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Per Anderson, NY
It seems the Devil could not obtain Stanley Kubrick's soul and thus is attempting to acquire Stanley Cuba's as a substitute. Kubrick fans will especially love this. Includes music by Portland band Submarine Fleet.
Stomp! Shout! Scream!     VIEW TRAILER
Director: Jay Edwards, GA
A small town is plagued by a mysterious creature. Accompanied by LIVE additional dialog performed by The Brody Theater professional improv comedy team. Features some great beach party music.

Director: Jerry MacKay, NY
There's just something missing from the show 24, and 120 covers it in all its glory.
Ahead of the Game
Director: Steve Pandola, CA
Why rush into the whole corporate thing if you're already ahead of the game?
Alive & Well
Director: Chris Peckover, CA
Someone has seen "Alive" a few too many times.
Always Expecting
Director: Mark & April Lambert, OR
The product you need for that shotgun wedding without the gun or messy baby.
Artistic Taxidermist
Director: Sandi Somers, Canada
Why merely stuff animals when you can improve upon the original subject?
Atomic Banana
Director: Erik Kling
A lab experiment goes awry when the monkey gets a craving for bananas.
Call Center
Director: Amyn Kaderali, CA
Perhaps outsourcing call centers to India is not such a good idea afterall.
Casual Fridays
Director: John Barnard, Canada
It's a typical Friday in the office and Bob is talking about boobs again.
Cheesy Commercials
Director: Cinema Queso, OR
A series of faux commercials by the local sketch comedy team Cinema Queso.
Commercial Interruption
Director: Homeless Corner, OR
A series of faux commercials by the local sketch comedy team Homeless Corner.
Consider Pants
Director: Steven Kraus, KS
A solution to many problems - consider PANTS!
Coping With Rhythm
Director: Zachary Steel, NC
White men need fret no more about their complete lack of rhythm.
Creatreva RX
Director: David W Barr, OR
Longing to be an artist but have too much motivation?
Death of the Dinosaurs
Director: Leilani Holmes, UK
The real reason dinosaurs are extinct.
Discrimination of the Dead
Director: Jason Eisner & Angus Swantee, Canada
If you thought it was hard for high tech workers to get jobs in Portland, imagine being a zombie!
Director: Dana Dorian, Scotland
Be careful what you teach your dog!
For James
Director: JULES!, ID
James is dead and was not the best of fellows.
Hands Are Bananas
Director: Nick Andrews, MT
Do you know vhy? I'll tell you vhy! Bevare the milky pirate!
Hide Your 'Stache
Director: Steve Pandola, CA
Tired of being ridiculed for your mustache? Now there is hope!
Home Purchasing Club
Director: Brian Roberts, CA
The only place to get amazing products like the Hot Dog Juicer! These clips are on loan from VH1.
I'm In The Band
Director: Paul Sincoff, CA
Base players get no respect. But perhaps, sometimes, they do get the girl.
Indie Fever
Director: Scott Simmons, TN
The disease that is sweeping the nation! Put down the camcorder and back away!
Lord of the Rings
Director: Edward Martin III, OR
A Portland film maker took it upon himself to remake the ENTIRE Lord of the Rings trilogy in 10 minutes. Every chapter and variety is included.
Love Hurts
Director: Christopher Thomas, GA
The abuse must stop! Now there is help.
Maid for TV
Director: Christopher Thomas, GA
Now there's help to control those annoying little brats of yours.
Martin Did It
Director: Brian McNett, AL
He did, really. It was Martin. He killed them all. Are you paying attention?
MaxiDoodles - Behind the Makeup
Director: Bronston Jones, CA
A stand in for the star clown is none too pleased with his treatment. Clown rivalry at its finest.
Director: Will Hartman, CA
The making of the most phenomenal film of our time. The director says, "Oregon Beavers love Moosecock!"
Director: Lance Miller & Donald P. Unverrich, WI
Some people are just a little too into movies.
Movies are Better
Director: Benjamin Hershleder, CA
In case you weren't sure, examples are given that make this fact painfully clear.
Moving Picture Makers
Director: Andrew Fisher, CA
This film covers the history of one of Russia's most famous directors.
Mrs Goodpuppets Zero Carb Muffins
Director: Nancy Lacher, OH
Mrs Goodpuppets introduces delicious zero-carb muffins!
Director: Mathieu Ferguson, Canada
Real life and the online gaming world are juxtaposed in this, um, love story?
Passion to the Max
Director: Felix Allen, AZ
Mel Gibson is mad and he's armed with holy water.
Director: Harley Hay, Canada
Restaurant bill too expensive? No problem!
Return of the Hero
Director: Keith Adams, NY
Extremely famous director Scott Adams is working on a major documentary in his home town of River Vale and all the towns folk are thrilled! Or so he says.
Ridiculous Def
Director: JULES!, ID
Oh sure, high def TV is nice, but why not get ridiculous?!
Sal Monella's Deli
Director: Dave Puls, NY
Sal's new diet plan is guaranteed!
Director: DeWayne Austin, CA
The easy way to tenderize meat and get a good workout, too!
She's A Dog
Director: Sue Corcoran, WA
Music video for Seattle band Captain Vintastic.
Director: Christopher Baldi, NJ
An after school special that shows the dangers of accepting candy from strangers.
Director: Dan Kwong, CA
Like bowling but hate gutter balls? Strikes guaranteed or your money back!
Director: Sean McCarthy, CA
The life of a superhero can be dangerous - and surprisingly normal.
Director: John Condon, UK
Oh my. The future does not look good for you!
Thanksgiving Report
Director: The B Squad, CA
This special report warns of the danger lurking in your turkey.
The McPassion
Director: Benjamin Hershleder, CA
The latest kids meal special puts religion back into fast food.
They're Made Out Of Meat
Director: Stephen O'Regan, CA
They walk, they talk, but they're made out of meat! How can this be?!
Director: Lee Chambers, Canada
Caveman inventor Thornob takes us back to the discovery of fire!
Though I Take Showers, I'm Still Poor
Director: Nabeel Sweilem, OR
Oregonian Alex Kahl takes us through his typical day.
Tight Space
Director: Cory Kinney, Canada
So it won't fit? Well here's a solution!
Director: Valerie Weiss, CA
In a world where the slightest transgression can get you killed, a government employee must risk hiding his own transgression.
Director: The B Squad, CA
Truth in drug advertising at its finest.
Zombie Love
Director: Yfke van Berkelaer, Netherlands
This amazing zombie MUSICAL will have you singing the tunes for days after the show!

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