Futile Attraction       WEB SITE
Director: Mark Prebble, New Zealand
A documentary about a dating service goes awry when the crew discovers they have made terrible choices of people to follow on their dates. An anti-romantic comedy.
Hooch & Daddy-O       WEB SITE
Director: Donna Northcott, Missouri
Interviews with the cast and crew as well as snippets from episodes of the beloved but forgotten buddy cop show. One word: NINJAS!
The Lady from Sockholm       WEB SITE
Director: Eddy Von Mueller & Evan Lieberman, Georgia
A film noir classic done entirely with sock puppets! The story is as compelling as it is funny.
The Monster of Phantom Lake       WEB SITE
Director: Christopher Mihm, Minnesota
A B-Movie spoof in the style of a B movie. We will provide LIVE ADDITIONAL DIALOG performed by a professional improv comedy troupe!
Return of the Jackalope       WEB SITE
Directors: Dave R Watkins & Michael D Friedman, Georgia
This mocumentary on the making of the sequel to a B-movie pokes fun at the legend of the antlered rabbit. Features interviews with known actors such as Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Craig Parker (Lord of the Rings), and many more. Note - contains gore.

21 Carbs       WEB SITE
Director: Marty Shea, Illinois
There was an accident... This spoof of "21 Grams" pokes fun at dieting.
An Important Message
Director: Jason Rouse, Oregon
Captain Nemo brings us an important message!
Another Me: Special Edition       WEB SITE
Director: Stephen Gomori, Canada
Oh my God! There are TWO of him! The film and the making-of together!
Appropriately False Portrayal of the Dr. Steven Ackerman Affair
Director: Brian Sharpe, Illinois
He loved sandwiches and smelled like honey ham. But who killed him? Was it suicide? A hunting accident? Bad cheese?
Army Girls Gone Wild       WEB SITE
Directors: Gerald V. Casale & Grady Sain
Jihad Jerry (Jerry Casale of DEVO) sings about the wonders of Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.
The Ball
Director: Dave Siriano, New York
The many uses of the all-purpose BALL.
Director: Josh Bass, Texas
It's really intense! Never see a dentist again!
The Buy       WEB SITE
Director: Jeffrey Nagel, California
Sometimes you just have to get your fix.
Carmex Lip Balm
Director: Gavin Carlton, California
A 50's-style commercial for the amazing canker sore cure!

Catatonic       WEB SITE
Director: Lee Chambers, Canada
What is even scarier than serial killers?
Circus of Infinity       WEB SITE
Director: Sue Corcoran, Washington
Do you believe in the net? Is it made of spun gold and gossamer wings? Or will you smash like a melon? Features Richard Sanders as God.
Citizen Candy Man       WEB SITE
Director: Joe Dator, New York
In this "chocumentary", Charlie didn't inherit the chocolate factory when Willy Wonka died, but it is rightfully his! This film follows the adult lives of the golden ticket winners.
Con of the Dead
Director: Edward Martin III, Oregon
Zombies are not being treated fairly and they're not going to take it anymore!
Director: Kray Mitchell, Canada
This reality-based show follows the men and women of petty thievery.
The Dance to War
Director: Chris Lightwing, United Kingdom
"The War Against Terror: The Musical" opens in London!
Danceflur Kriminalz: In Da Studio       WEB SITE
Directors: Max Groff & Alex Burkat, Pennsylvania
MC Battleax and DJ Marauder introduce us to their studio, Kriminalz-style.
Day of the Cabbage       WEB SITE
Director: Jeff Warmouth, Massachusetts
If you thought Broccoli Man was scary last year, wait until you see The Cabbage! Done entirely with vegetables!
Dear Sweet Emma
Director: John Cernak, North Carolina
Awe, she's such a sweetheart! Really. More or less.
Death Placenta
Director: Tabitha Vidaurri, Pennsylvania
Female punk rockers must go on tour, despite their "condition".
Debt Consolidated
Director: Josh Bass, Texas
Too stupid to get yourself out of debt? The answer is here!
Director: Shawn Nelson, Oregon
Can't stand your daughter's boyfriend? Want to get even with the ex? DIS is here to help!
Double Header
Director: Tom McCluskey, California
The head of the FBI anti-crime task force and the boss of the city's most ruthless crime syndicate aren't just brothers...
Director: Chris Lightwing, United Kingdom
A documentary about a stroke victim goes awry when the producers try to make their film more interesting.
Fat Girls on Bicycles
Director: Shaun Reimers, Oregon
Music video of the hilarious song by local artists The Punk Group
Featurette: The making of Redlight       WEB SITE
Director: Gordon Highland, Kansas
A behind the scenes look at a film about people making a movie about the movie some people are making because they won a screenplay contest.
Fireplace Redux
Director: Jeff Hands, Canada
See incredible behind the scenes footage of the making of the epic that is Fireplace!
Director: Ben Weeks, Illinois
Can a chronic fly-checker find love or will the faux pas keep him from being cool?
Director: Mark Lambert & April Lambert, Oregon
This film gives road rage a new meaning.
Go Faux       WEB SITE
Director: Julia Radochia, California
A festival ad made just for us by the award-winning director of "Jimmy's House of Hugs" from last year.
Grim       WEB SITE
Director: John-Paul Nickel, Nevada
The four horsemen of the apocalypse walk into a bar...
Harmony in the Hills       WEB SITE
Director: Susan Busa, Texas
A city has been recreated as a movie theme town and some folks can't get the theme song out of their heads.
I Must Destroy You
Director: David Johnston, California
An anime battle goes awry when a fly gets into one of the robots.
Infamous: The Pelagrino Brothers
Director: Michael Maney & Ryan Lewis, Ohio
The infamous thieving duo spin a tale of their greatest heist.
Johnny Bagpipes
Director: Todd Korgan, Oregon
He dreamed of playing the bagpipes - in a rock band.
The Little White Ball       WEB SITE
Director: Michael Rich, Ohio
Rival ping-pong champions prepare for the biggest contest of all.
The Lost People of Mountain Village
Director: Neal Marlens & Carol Black, Colorado
What happened to the inhabitants of this abandoned village and why did they need so many bathrooms? Features Kurt Fuller.
Marcus Freeman: Dedicated to the Craft
Director: Mike Prosser, Oregon
Marcus Freeman is a talent agent for people with some very special talents.
Mickey Slipper
Director: GB Shannon, Tennessee
Are you a crack whore or speed freak? You may be entitled to lost wages from your dealer!
New Testament
Director: Philip Pelletier, Oregon
The wine cooler of the gods!
Oxford Park       WEB SITE
Director: Ian Lewis, New York
Detectives Trillo and Suede go to England to solve a murder in this Masterpiece Theatre-esque mystery of puppet exploitation.
People's Office of Toast
Director: Stewart Grinton & Ashlon Langley, South Carolina
The POoT does not tolerate abuse of its protected citizens!
Pimp My Couch
Director: Edra Morledge, Alaska
This spoof of MTV's Pimp My Ride does makeovers of sofas that have seen better days.
Pork Lips Now
Director: Ernie Fosselius, California
The classic "Apocalypse Now" spoof by the creator of "Hardware Wars".
Purple Bins
Director: Susan Deming, California
"Bring out yer dead!"
Reemco Atomic Broom
Director: Jackson Douglas, California
This is no ordinary broom - it's the Reemco ATOMIC broom, with 100% pure cleaning power!
Return of Laura Peters       WEB SITE
Director: Irene Tassiopulos, California
A former superfan gets back in the game after a major setback.
The Santa Claus Happy Tyme Show       WEB SITE
Director: Alex George, The North Pole (Illinois)
Santa is evil! But then you knew that. This brilliant spoof of consumerism goes behind the scenes at Santa's sweat shop.
Satellite Radio (Tiki)
Director: Gavin Carlton, California
Not just radio...
Sell in Hell       WEB SITE
Director: Keith Snyder, New York
This instructional video tape will prepare you for the only job in Hell...
SharpFocus XS
Director: Jason Hall, New Jersey
Commercial for a new focus-enhancing drug.
Director: Maxim Lardent, Nevada
We get the blow by blow of International Shots Championship in this partially animated film.
Smart Card       WEB SITE
Director: James Oxford, California
Technology may solve some problems, but it always brings new ones.
Torsten Kretchzmar       WEB SITE
Director: Steffen Frech, California
The music video and the making of video of the latest creation by the famous German artist.
Director: Timothy Boyd, Washington
Tales of people finding their dream job. Features members of the band "Death Cab for Cutie".
We're the Government and You're Not
Director: David McElroy, Alabama
The government knows best and tells us how to behave in this instructional video.
Zombie-American       WEB SITE
Director: Nick Poppy, New York
A tale of the plight of our least understood citizens. Stars Ed Helms (The Daily Show).

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