APRIL 1-3, 2005



Director: Philip Dolin, New York
A B-Movie spoof in the style of a B movie. We will provide LIVE ADDITIONAL DIALOG performed by a local comedy troupe! An enclave of eclectic "friends" plot to rid the world of media waves.
Believe       web site
Director: Loki, Utah
Ever get suckered into one of those pyramid schemes or "Multi-Level Marketing"? This hilarious film pokes fun at every aspect of MLM scams.
Big Time
Director: Jerry Heiss, California
A mocumentary about the marketing of a porn film. Surprisingly educational. Interviews with some real porn stars and porn industry execs. Contains nudity and foul language.
Government Approved - The Films of Warren G Spaulding
Director: Dave Nuttycombe, Maryland
A mocumentary about a guy responsible for thousands of government films that seem silly by today's standards. Includes hilarious musical shorts, such as "Tax Rock" and "PS - That's Public Service".
Walking The Walk       web site
Director: Troy B. Evins, California
This is a film about the making of a film for $7,000. It's clever and hilarious as the characters get through several setbacks and almost can't finish the film.

12 Hot Women       web site
Director: Alan Chan, California
Faux Trailer
Who needs a plot when you have 12 hot women?
A. Lincoln: A Life Embellished
Director: Bruce Dellis, Arizona
Faux Educational
This spoof of History Channel biographies tells the (slightly embellished) history of Abraham Lincoln
Ad Guy       web site
Directors: Kris Wright, Martha Koenig, Mike Dillon, Ryan Smith, Missouri
Faux Commercial
Get your kids the funnest new toy - it's "Ad Guy"! Collect the whole agency!
Asian Pride Porn       web site
Director: Greg Pak, New York
Faux Commercial & Public Service Announcement
When you select your porn, be sure Asian characters are seen in a positive light.
Cash Daddy       web site
Director: Craig Johnson, Oregon
Faux Commercial
Down on your luck? Need some quick cash? See the Cash Daddy!
Choca-Cola       web site
Director: Craig Johnson, Oregon
Faux Commercial
If you win the prize printed on the bottlecap, better keep it to yourself.
Dawn of the Bread
Director: David Lady, Ohio
Faux Trailer
When there's no more room in the cupboard...
Forklift Driver Klaus
Director: Jörg Wagner & Stefan Prehn, Germany
Faux Training Video
This film has won numerous festival awards and is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Klaus learns the wrong way to operate a forklift. In German with English subtitles. Contains bloody gore.
Four Spots
Director: Geoff McLennan, Canada
Faux Commercial
Four commercials for products you know you need, such as Frozen Ice. It's new!
Hardware Wars
Director: Ernie Fosselius, Space
Faux Trailer
This Star Wars spoof is the granddaddy of faux films. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three bucks goodbye.
Here Comes Private Investigator Kengo Koshiyama
Director: Yohei Kawamata, Utah
This detective spoof follows Kengo Koshiyama through his daily routine.
It Came from the Lint Trap
Director: David Lady, Ohio
Faux Trailer
Day after day they ignored the warnings. You'll never look at your dryer the same again.
Jimmy's House of Hugs       web site
Director: Julia Radochia, California
Faux Commercial
When you just need a hug, see Jimmy. His able staff will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.
Kirby's Pieces       web site
Director: Rhune Kincaid, Colorado
I can't really describe this film without spoiling the fun. It's gory and hilarious.
Love: The Movie       web site
Director: Adam Bertocci, Illinois
This film spoofs both movie making and love stories as we hear the trials and tribulations of making a love story.
Mentos       web site
Director: Craig Johnson, Oregon
Faux Commercial
The Freshmaker can help you handle any stressful situation.
Director: Jake Cashill, New York
The most bad-ass crime buster in town is a sister!
Director: David Lady, Ohio
Faux Commercial
Nothing seems to get rid of those pesky octopi. Finally, there is a solution!
Oh Yeah!       web site
Director: Lon Lopez, California
Faux Trailer
He's back and he's tougher than ever! Prepare to see red!
Passion of the Couch       web site
Director: Kurt Burk & Byron Dumbrill, California
This hilarious spoof of "Passion of the Christ" tells the tale of another icon.
Puzzle King       web site
Director: Alexandra Rothert, Germany
A world renowned "puzzle king" solves 10 puzzles (such as Rubik's Cube and others) in only five minutes. Amazing!
Reach and Frequency
Director: Vance Malone, Oregon
Faux Commercial
The infamous ad agency spoof in the style of a porno.
Spandex: A Father's Tale       web site
Director: Matthew Manson, New York
A boy failing music class discovers his father's dark secret.
Stiffs By Sid
Director: Rick Lavon, New York
Why settle for bad actors when you can use real zombies in your films?!
Stroid 56
Director: Andy Collen, Oregon
Faux Commercial
Traffic stressing you out? Give your car that extra oomph! Voiceover by Portland mayoral candidate Scott Campbell, AKA Extremo The Clown.
Director: Stephen Plitt, Canada
Superheros get all the glory - sending their untalented relatives into therapy.
Superciliary Exercise Program
Director: Connor & Greg Chaney, Alaska
Faux Commercial
Social life on the skids? Maybe your facial expressions lack pizzazz!
The Inedible Bulk       web site
Director: Mad Martian, Oregon
The origin story of the infamous Broccoli Man and a spoof of "The Fly". A broccoli farmer whose own kids won't eat broccoli conducts flavor experiments in the barn, accidentally transforming himself.
The Player
Director: Scott Halford, Utah
A hilarious look at poker tournaments and the characters obsessed with poker.
The Reel Truth       web site
Director: Tim Hamilton, Canada
If you could read the minds of film makers, here's what they're really thinking.
The Strange Case of Ray Milland
Director: Bruce Dellis, Arizona
Faux Educational
This spoof of A&E biographies tells of the seedier side of Ray Milland. Who knew of his cannibalistic past?
Truth In Advertising       web site
Director: Tim Hamilton, Canada
If you could read the minds of advertising execs, here's what they're really thinking.
Director: Noel Taylor, Oregon
Faux Commercial
The best diet pill yet.
Van Goo: Portrait of an Artist
Director: Mikon Haaksman, Texas
The story of an artist who paints the classics in a new style.
William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece       web site
Director: Ken Hegan, Canada
Most people already know that William Shatner's hairpiece, er, excuse me, "hair system", was responsible for his power, but here is a seldom told back story.
Wizardo Stardust
Director: John Simone, Oregon
Learn about magic from the master of delusion.
You Can Awesome: Math       web site
Director: Michael Mohan, California
Faux Education
Learn how math can solve all your problems!
Zombie Vegetarians       web site
Director: Mad Martian, Oregon
Faux Trailer
Tainted veggie burgers turn people into zombies. Who will stop them?

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