Do you do awesome original eyeball artwork and want to be featured in our Eyeball Art Gallery? Great! We will sell your artwork through the Eyeball Museum™. Our commission is only 30%. All forms of artwork are welcome, as long as eyeballs are the main feature and the item can be shipped.

Here's how:

You send photos of your work (either electronically or we will scan photos in at no charge). If you are selected to be in the gallery, you will be notified via email. Artists may change every few months at our discretion. You provide details on each piece, including title, edition (if applicable), materials, size, and selling price. You decide on a fair price. You determine handling details and shipping method and price. Mad Martian® posts the photos on the web site with the details you provide. Customers can purchase your artwork through the shopping cart. The rest operates much like a physical gallery. Once Mad Martian® receives funds for your artwork, the image is marked SOLD and the artist is instructed to ship the artwork to the customer via UPS or some other insured and tracked method. Once the item has been received, the funds are released to the artist, minus 30% of the purchase price. You agree not to display your work in another gallery, physical or virtual, unless instructions for purchasing the item are directed to the Eyeball Museum™.

To submit your work, send email with the details on each piece. Details include title, edition (if applicable), materials, selling price, and shipping cost. Include 2 shipping rates, 1 for domestic and one for international, or I can determine these for you.